Banking & Finance

Having advised clients on complex issues within the realms of the Banking and Finance sector, Saga Legal prides itself in proficiently overseeing financial transactions of varying scales from start to finish. With the ever-changing financial landscape, we are mindful that complex arrangements require up-to-date know how of the economic, political and regulatory framework and adapt accordingly to further the interests of our clients. Adopting a pragmatic and business-oriented approach to meet the client’s objectives, simplified and commercially sound solutions are strategized upon and implemented effectively. From advising clients on intricate regulatory matters to assisting them through various stages of financing, pre-investment due diligences, asset and debt structuring and/or restructuring processes; from aiding and assisting in documentation to conducting proceedings before a multitude of forums for the purposes of recovery, enforcement, bankruptcy & insolvency, financing and securitisation; we provide the entire gamut of services concerned. Our experience in dealing with regulators, key banking stake-holders, lenders and borrowers on a wide spectrum of transactional matters bearing considerable financial perils also enables us to advise and provide negotiation support to our clients in arriving at legally and commercially viable outcomes.