Dispute Resolution

Saga Legal has extensive experience in handling a wide gamut of commercial and corporate disputes having civil and/or criminal imputations. With comprehensive emphasis on conflict related strategy, implementation and management, our approach to resolution related advocacy is to focus on delivering steadfast and practical advice in order to conduct pending or potential disputes. We actively represent clients before various forums such as the Supreme Court of India, High Courts of various States & Union Territories, Tribunals and Regulatory Bodies as well as District Courts throughout India, both on the original as well appellate side. Our dispute resolution practice offers services spread across litigation, regulatory and pre-dispute advisory assignments. Saga Legal provides robust guidance and representation through all the stages and forms of dispute resolution from the initiation or defence of proceedings before forums to settlement negotiations and from representation during arbitral proceedings to enforcement of awards. We not only strive to deliver favourable results for our clients through the mainstream dispute resolution processes but also through alternate methods of resolution such as arbitration, conciliation, and mediation. Our approach is solution-oriented and emphasises on a practical understanding of our clients’ needs and interests to find an efficient legal solution to address them.