Insolvency & Bankruptcy

The firm provides seamless advice and support to clients in relation to proceedings, pending or to be initiated, under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. Our expertise enables us to encompass a wide array of legal and advisory support with respect to the Code as well as in relation to other potential matters that may arise along with, as a consequence of the applicability of other relevant laws. We have successfully initiated and defended insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings for a multitude of clients pan-India with a goal-oriented approach. Besides the formulation and execution of pre-insolvency and contingency strategies, we also partake in negotiations with creditors for settlements and restructuring; conducting financial due – diligences; restructuring and financing; assisting in bids and revised bids formulation; negotiations for distressed financing; liquidation and winding up proceedings on behalf of our clients, keeping their commercial needs and interests in mind. With the ever-evolving legal landscape in so far as the Code in itself is concerned, we keep abreast with the latest developments from a legislative and precedent perspective to guide our clients appropriately.   The team works closely with experts in related practice areas including finance, corporate, real estate, employment, tax, regulatory, capital markets and litigation to provide a well-rounded service.