Having advised clients on complex issues within the realms of the Banking and Finance sector, Saga Legal prides itself in proficiently overseeing financial transactions of varying scales from start to finish. With the ever-changing financial landscape, we are mindful that complex arrangements require up-to-date know how of the economic, political and regulatory framework and adapt accordingly to further the interests of our clients. Adopting a pragmatic and business-oriented approach to meet the client‟s objectives, simplified and commercially sound solutions are strategized upon and implemented effectively. From advising clients on intricate regulatory matters to assisting them through various stages of financing, pre-investment due diligences, asset and debt structuring and/or restructuring processes; from aiding and assisting in documentation to conducting proceedings before a multitude of forums for the purposes of recovery, enforcement, bankruptcy & insolvency, financing and securitisation; we provide the entire gamut of services concerned. Our experience in dealing with regulators, key banking stake-holders, lenders and borrowers on a wide spectrum of transactional matters bearing considerable financial perils also enables us to advise and provide negotiation support to our clients in arriving at legally and commercially viable outcomes.


Prioritising the interplay between the multi-layered legal, taxational, procedural and operational aspects faced by industries in this day and age, we at Saga Legal aim to provide balanced strategic support in the structuring and restructuring domain to meet business centric objectives. From structuring customized transactions to undertaking innovative restructuring endeavours, we deliver the most desirable outcome to meet every client‟s particular needs. We are equipped to provide strategic advice through all phases of a joint venture transaction from entry and incorporation to investments and compliances; from conducting thorough due diligences to assisting in interparty negotiations. Similarly, our sector centric approach enables us to focus on specific nuances of mergers and acquisitions, thereby ensuring corporate synergy and operational balance. The firm advises comprehensively on structuring M&A transactions including court approved processes and acquisitions by way of preferential allotment or open offer processes, business transfer agreements, private equity, venture capital dealings, bearing in mind the various financial, regulatory and industry specific implications. We assist our clients across industries and through various jurisdictions in extending end-to-end support in drafting and negotiating in respect of transactional documents such as Share purchase Agreements, Share Subscription Agreements, Investment Agreements, Licensing Agreements and Technology Transfer Agreements. We at Saga Legal also advise on implementation of various corporate mechanisms such as Minority Protection, Call & Put Option Arrangements and Rights of First Refusal, along with other exit options and consequences arising thereof.


Saga Legal has extensive experience in handling a wide gamut of commercial and corporate disputes having civil and/or criminal imputations. With comprehensive emphasis on conflict related strategy, implementation and management, our approach to resolution related advocacy is to focus on delivering steadfast and practical advice in order to conduct pending or potential disputes. We actively represent clients before various forums such as the Supreme Court of India, High Courts of various States & Union Territories, Tribunals and Regulatory Bodies as well as District Courts throughout India, both on the original as well appellate side. Our dispute resolution practice offers services spread across litigation, regulatory and pre-dispute advisory assignments. Saga Legal provides robust guidance and representation through all the stages and forms of dispute resolution from the initiation or defence of proceedings before forums to settlement negotiations and from representation during arbitral proceedings to enforcement of awards. We not only strive to deliver favourable results for our clients through the mainstream dispute resolution processes but also through alternate methods of resolution such as arbitration, conciliation, and mediation. Our approach is solution-oriented and emphasises on a practical understanding of our clients‟ needs and interests to find an efficient legal solution to address them.


We at Saga Legal endeavour to provide practical and commercially viable strategic solutions for clients across varied sectors of industry on a broad spectrum of legal issues. Besides providing support on day-to-day legal concerns emerging from commercial and business affairs, we advise and assist on matters pertaining to contracts, documentation, domestic and multi-jurisdictional transactions, collaborations and regulations, amongst other issues. Saga Legal is adept at advising on and handling the entire corporate life cycle of organisations starting from support on entry strategies, incorporations and structuring, contract compliances, corporate governance, corporate social responsibilities, secretarial and regulatory compliances and mechanisms for transparency and accountability. The focus of the team is not only to ensure that organisations are legally compliant but also to foresee potential areas of risks in the future and provide timely advice.


The firm provides seamless advice and support to clients in relation to proceedings, pending or to be initiated, under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. Our expertise enables us to encompass a wide array of legal and advisory support with respect to the Code as well as in relation to other potential matters that may arise along with, as a consequence of the applicability of other relevant laws. We have successfully initiated and defended insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings for a multitude of clients pan-India with a goal-oriented approach. Besides the formulation and execution of pre-insolvency and contingency strategies, we also partake in negotiations with creditors for settlements and restructuring; conducting financial due – diligences; restructuring and financing; assisting in bids and revised bids formulation; negotiations for distressed financing; liquidation and winding up proceedings on behalf of our clients, keeping their commercial needs and interests in mind. With the everevolving legal landscape in so far as the Code in itself is concerned, we keep abreast with the latest developments from a legislative and precedent perspective to guide our clients appropriately. The team works closely with experts in related practice areas including finance, corporate, real estate, employment, tax, regulatory, capital markets and litigation to provide a well-rounded service.


We are equipped to provide blanket solutions to our clients‟ Intellectual Property needs being proficient in services pertaining to conventional subject matters such as trademarks, copyrights and patents as well as in unorthodox areas of such practice such as geographical indications and industrial designs. Sufficient attention is given to the clients‟ rights and title accruing from such property and robust measures are implemented for matters pertaining to the protection, prosecution, infringement or revocation of the same. Our team comprises of experts in the field of such practice, who in collaboration with multi-disciplinary expertise, optimize the approach and execution of customized solutions. We provide bespoke advice and support throughout the life cycle of such property keeping in mind the Clients‟ rights, interests and needs.


We have specialists in the exhaustive and intricate fields of law pertaining to labour and employment, having dealt with matters of Clients across a wide array of sectors. We provide assistance and guidance in matters relating to policies, terminations and severances, recruitments, disputes, disciplinary actions, conciliation and settlements, contractual arrangements and regulatory compliances, amongst others. We are proficient in assisting clients in the preparation of service rules, structuring of compensation packages, drafting of employment contracts, non-compete and confidentiality agreements and termination notices as well as negotiating collective bargaining contracts, advising on termination, retrenchment, lay-offs & strikes and seeking permissions and registrations under various labour/employment-related laws and regulations. We deliver extensive support in dealing with the day to day complexities that arise from the aforementioned issues, both from an in-house perspective as well as a litigation perspective.


Our team comprises of dedicated professionals who have amassed considerable experience in advising and assisting prominent individuals and families in matters of estate and succession planning, taxation, establishment and management of trusts, migration and alteration of citizenship, settlements and partitions, amongst others. Being conscious of the interplay between multiple laws of the land that are relevant whilst dealing in matters of the aforementioned nature, larger emphasis is laid on strategising and executing end-to-end solutions, tenable in the long-term interest of such Clients.


Possessing in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework as well as having hands on experience in representing clients from diverse sectors in several disputes, we are well equipped to provide the exhaustive support and guidance required to manoeuvre such a specialised area of practice. The firm‟s segregated, area-focused, regulatory practice has benefitted clients in fulfilling their business requirements in view of their commercial objectives, whilst mitigating risks and being statutorily compliant. Keeping abreast with the administrative and judicial precedents, the team is able to hand hold clients through complex legal, regulatory and compliance scenarios by providing creative and bespoke solutions. Covering the entire gamut of services required to be attended from a regulatory perspective, our team has a proven track record for both domestic and overseas clients. We routinely represent our clients before diverse regulators such as SEBI, RBI, Directorate of Enforcement, Electricity & Telecom Regulators, Ministries, amongst others.


Saga Legal provides advise and support to clients on securities laws and regulations administered by Securities Exchange Board of India, Reserve Bank of India, stock exchanges and government ministries specifically with respect to mergers and acquisitions, public takeovers, private equity investments, offer for sale on stock exchanges, corporate restructuring inclusive of buy backs, reduction of share capital, delisting, relisting, mergers and demergers. Our team has valuable experience in providing strategic transactional services which includes transaction structuring, conducting legal due diligences, driving open offer processes in addition to co-ordinating with regulatory authorities and market intermediaries. Besides providing advisory and transactional services, we are well equipped to deliver legal assistance by representing the clients before various forums such as the investigating authorities, adjudicating officers and disciplinary action committees of SEBI and Stock Exchanges as well as before the Securities Appellate Tribunal, NCLT, the High Courts of States and Union Territories, NCLAT and the Supreme Court of India.


Saga Legal provides a full suite of tax related services to its clientele ranging from multinationals, prominent individuals and domestic corporations, by merging knowledge of prevalent practices with novel strategies to arrive at dynamic solutions. To plan and implement ever-evolving, yet viable tax strategies, our team constantly engages in reviewing industry trends, available exemptions and benefits, policy alterations and enforcements, amongst other relevant and necessary core evaluations. From a direct taxation perspective, the team assists businesses in dealing with assessments, structuring, investments, transactions, transfer pricing, litigation and conducting due diligences, amongst other implications. Whilst from an indirect taxation perspective, we guide our clients in handling risk mitigation, incentive and exemption applicability, dispute resolution, financial modelling and business structuring, amongst other implications. We are adept at skilfully addressing the entirety of our clients‟ tax related requirements under one roof in a proficient and resourceful manner.


The forte of the firm‟s white-collar crime practice lies in the aptitude of its professionals to navigate skilfully through the intricacies of the criminal laws construct of the land and respond strategically. The firm has significant experience in conducting matters and acting in proceedings before various State and Central investigating authorities, besides in multi-jurisdictional settings. From money laundering matters to economic offenses as well as from corruption cases to regulatory investigations, the firm has assisted individuals and corporates alike, through prosecutions and defences. Our team also works in tandem with experienced external forensic and other cross-disciplinary experts in order to mitigate the potential legal perils that may arise from within the multifaceted criminal laws framework of the land by appropriately devising internal policies for our clients as well as conducting thorough legal audits regularly.